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The Entrance To Wonderland?

ABC made a a little mistake in the timing of a graphic it broadcast on Sunday night.

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis

Toledo, Ohio

Husband, Father, Neighbor, Friend, Acquaintance, That One Guy, Attorney and owner of Buckeye Payroll Services, a payroll processing firm.



Roland Hansen almost 2 years ago

I see the picture; but, I don't see the problem. What am I not noticing?

Christopher Davis almost 2 years ago

Click play (the triangle in the middle of the photo).

Roland Hansen almost 2 years ago

Got it now, thanks. OMG!

gus almost 2 years ago

roland, thank god for people like you who are NOT stuck inside 3rd grade mind sets with potty mouth jokes and childish sniggering.

as for the rest of us... tee hee hee heeeee

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