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Douchebag of the Week: Bret Bielema


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The Big Lead has a post on how Urban Meyer has basically pissed on the unwritten, gentlemenly B1G rules on recruiting, saying the Meyer used "illegal" recruiting tactics.  Apparently what Bielema thinks is "illegal" is going after a recruit who is already informally committed to another university.  In this past signing period, Meyer got recruits who had previously given (non-binding) commitments to Michigan State, Penn State and, you guessed it, Wisconsin.

In light of the turmoil in Columbus, it is hardly even fair to a recruit for Meyer not to go after him.  Kids need an opportunity to commit to a superior program that has its issues resolved, than to settle for some second-rate, Mickey Mouse program like Wisconsin.  The recruits Meyer got from Wisconsin probably wouldn't have even considered cheese country if Meyer had already been in Columbus.

I like what Meyer had to say in response.

You’re pissed because we went after a committed guy? Guess what, we got nine guys who better go do it again. Do it a little harder next time.

While we're at it, let's look at how gentlemanly Bielema has been ON the football field.

I would say that makes you douchebag of the week, there Bielema.

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Is This A Sign?

I received an email for Ohio State this morning and one sentence in particular caught my eye.  More because it's in the message than what the sentence actually says.

As a Buckeye Parent, you and your family are eligible to purchase bowl tour packages that include travel, lodging at the team hotel, and game day ticket. More affordable bus tour packages are available in addition to air packages. Additional information can be found on line by clicking here. Please Note:  There is no limit per student or family on the number of packages ordered.

The emphasis is mine.

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The New Regime In Columbus.

Busy day today.  I've got a to-do list the length of my arm, but I also have a few posts just aching to see the light of day.  Gonna squeeze one here now, and perhaps try to work another one or two before I close up shop this evening.

I am sure there will be much more on the coming of Urban Meyer, but for now I have just a few things to consider.  ESPN Sports Nation, although I despise Colin Cowturd, has an interesting poll on its website today.  Specifically, the nation was asked to respond to which of the four big programs with recently hired coaches; Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame and USC, has the brightest future.  Overwhelmingly, Sports Nation responded Ohio State, carrying a solid majority everywhere but Michigan and California.

But I am wondering what Meyer does with the coaching staff currently holding office in Columbus.  I would like to see Fickell stay on in some defensive capacity.  I would like many of the defensive guys to remain.  I would like Meyer to remove the entire offensive staff.

Next, what coaches to bring in.  The recently fired Ron Zook is a terrible in-game coach, but the dude can recruit.  I wonder if he would take an assistant head coach position should Meyer offer it.

In case you are interested, the plan is to unveil Meyer at the basketball game vs. Duke tomorrow night.  That should get the crowd rowdy enough to carry the Buckeyes over the Devils.


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Note To Urban Meyer

If you wish to spend more time with your family, might I suggest you do it when that are actually living at home and not wait until they leave for college?

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