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People Are Strange

People record video of a lot of things these days, but one has to question why anyone would record and of these videos.  I understand if the video came from a security camera or something, but I would say most of these were designed to fail.  Still makes me chuckle. The words of Jim Morrison were never more true. People are indeed strange.  Thanks to UJ for the link.

Having Solved All Other Crimes….

Devil's Marbleyard: Pig

Image by Vicky TGAW via Flickr

Pigs Police in Midway, Georgia, having nothing better to do, closed a lemonade stand operated by three girls, aged 10 through 14, because they did not have the proper permits which cost $50 a day or $180 for the year.

The girls were trying to raise money to fund a trip to a water park.

The girls have learned their lesson.  The good guys get screwed while the bad guys run free because the cops are fat, ugly pigs, preoccupied with eating free doughnuts and drinking free coffee, who like to use their power to harass little girls are there to uphold the law.


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Chili Dog Blog Readers Are The Best

Here is the heading from a post appearing on The Big Lead late this morning.

Ohio State Fans Are the Worst

Here is some text with in that post.

This website has been around for a little over five years – today’s a big one-year anniversary! – and for whatever reason, a large number of people who comment and email are from Ohio. The Buckeye State is probably more well-represented than any other in the country.

It seems to me that website that acknowledges it derives a large number of page views from a certain fan base is pretty damn stupid to insult those fans.  Pretty sure that isn’t a good business model.

I think I may have to switch to deadspin for a while.

Yea, It’s Sorta’ Like That

I’ve long been known as a person who relies on analogy to get a point across.  Typically when I do, I try to make the subject of the analogy and the subject of the point I’m pushing relate as closely as possible.

Again, I rag on Mike Greenberg of ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike program.  This morning he compared the Los Angeles Lakers not reaching the NBA Finals to the fall of the Roman Empire.


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