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McCreary Must Go. UPDATED


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Ok. I lied.  I actually knew that I would have at least another post on the Penn State story.

I have said it before and I will say it again.  This is a cancer.  There are compromised parties and the university does itself and the victims a disservice by not cutting out anybody who played a role in perpetuating Jerry Sandusky's assault on kids.  As of this writing, all of the principal players have been jettisoned except for Mike McCreary, the man who actually witnessed an unspeakable act and yet did nothing.  To be sure he first consulted with his father (also a coach) and then the two of them spoke to Joe Paterno.  If Joe had to go, then certainly McCreary has to go as well, right?

If there is anybody in this mess who could have stopped Sandusky, and we certainly don't know many of the details of Sandusky's egregious behavior, it was that one time in the shower when McCreary stood by as a witness.  Either he did what he was supposed to do, or he didn't.  Obviously, a witness to a crime is normally under no obligation to intervene or inform law enforcement.  But if the school is going to dismiss JoePa for lack of effort in reporting and perhaps even faciliatiting Sandusky, then clearly McCreary is culpable by the same standard.

If Penn State seriously wants to move past this, they must get rid of all parties to this mess.  I only wish the Catholic Church would have not only exposed the priests but all of those who looked the other way.  As of now, Penn State has allowed such a man to remain on the staff.

UPDATED:  The Pennsylvania Attorney General finds inconsistency in Penn State's conduct this week.

UPDATED: A prosecutor who conducted an investigation into Sandusky's sexual behavior with a boy back in 1998 but decided not to prosecute, went missing in 2005 and has been declared legally dead.  His car was found, but he wasn't.


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Bishop Leonard Blair Attacks The Susan G. Komen Foundation.

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I have written in the space about the commercialization of breast cancer.  I don’t know the Komen Foundation aside from the fact that it  claims to be in the business of raising money for breast cancer programs, detection and research.  I don’t know if they are good at it.  I don’t know if a donation to the organization is a worthy donation.  All of these things, I cannot say.  I do know that cash is made on that little pink ribbon.  I would say my overall temperature on the SGK Foundation is tepid. 

However, some things just aren’t right.

Bishop Leonard Blair of the Diocese of Toledo has issued a letter in which he states that, given the possibility that the Susan G. Komen may, at some point in the future, contribute to groups conducting embryonic stem cell research in the fight against breast cancer, Catholics “would be wise to”  not contribute to that foundation.

As best we can determine, at present the Komen Foundation does not fund cancer research that employs embryonic stem cells. However, their policy does not exclude that possibility. They are open to embryonic stem cell research, and may very well fund such research in the future. They are also contributors to Planned Parenthood, which, though it may claim to provide needed medical services to poor women, is also the largest provider of abortions in our country.

In order to avoid even the possibility of cooperation in morally unacceptable activities, the other Bishops and I believe that it would be wise to find alternatives to Komen for Catholic fundraising efforts.

The local affiliate of the foundation responds.

We remain committed to our mission of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever. Susan G. Komen for the Cure has never funded abortion or embryonic stem cell research. Funds from the Northwest Ohio Affiliate have never gone to Planned Parenthood.

I have heard about this Planned Parenthood/Komen Foundation connection for a number of years.  I find it simply tough to believe that a foundation whose focus is on saving lives, would even get in the abortion arena.

I was right.  From the official stance of the Komen Foundation, issued just this past month, comes this explanation.

Some have asked questions about Susan G. Komen for the Cure funding a handful of breast health programs sponsored by Planned Parenthood. We’d like to explain our position.

Komen for the Cure has more than 120 Affiliates in the United States, and each Affiliate is responsible for assessing its community and determining local breast health needs. Komen Affiliates provide grants to local organizations that educate, screen, treat and support residents in their area. Our Affiliate network funds nearly 2,000 local organizations annually.

Nineteen Komen Affiliates fund breast health services through Planned Parenthood programs that have provided breast health education and breast screenings for hundreds of thousands of low-income, uninsured or medically under-served women. In some areas, Planned Parenthood may be the only local source of breast health care.

Decisions to fund Planned Parenthood programs are based on a thorough assessment of breast health needs and resources in the communities served by our Affiliates.

In addition to education, women served at Planned Parenthood may receive a clinical breast exam, and when further screening is needed, a referral to either a state program or a private mammogram provider. In the latter case, the mammogram may be paid for by the Komen-Planned Parenthood grant. It is important to note that Komen only gives grants to nonprofit organizations, and many mammography providers are for-profit.

Affiliate funding to Planned Parenthood is reviewed twice-yearly to ensure that it is being used only for breast health services. If reviews showed the funds being used for any other purpose, the funds would be withdrawn.

Komen does NOT fund abortions.

(emphasis mine)

Fewer than 20% of the Komen affiliates even contribute to Planned Parenthood programs.  Of those that do, none contribute to any program other than those that support breast health, especially abortions.

As I wrote in the outset, I cannot vouch for the foundation.  But I think what the Bishop has done in this case is to call out a sinner before he even commits the sin.  Reminds me of the Inquisition.

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Survival of the Fittest: Toledo’s Catholic Elementary Schools

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First off, I am a product of Catholic elementary school.  My children have attended or are attending Catholic elementary school.  Many people close to the subject feel the Catholic education is superior to its secular counterpart.  I feel the education of Catholic Christian tradition is what is and what should always be the main difference between the two systems.

People close to the subject tout that Catholic school children score higher, achieve greater, blah blah blah.  It may be true, but it isn't necessarily true because of the Catholic way of education.  It is more likely the fact that the parents of those children are spending thousands to send them there.

Like anything else that doesn't cost you to get it, public education is way under appreciated by too many parents.  The ones that pay care more.  There are exceptions, but by and large the wallet dictates.

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I attended a town hall session help by the Diocese of Toledo in which they were to obtain feedback from the public on what to do about the increasing cost of educating kids in the Catholic tradition and the declining number of people attending the schools.

It would appear that Bishop Blair the Diocese has decided that going forward, schools that are currently run by individual parishes will be consolidated into community based schools that will be run from a centralized administration in the Diocesan Offices.  The Diocese's claim that it is  seeking input from the faithful is likely a bit disingenuous.  This observer believes the wheels are in motion and this is one of those trains that you better get on board or you will be run over.

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