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iPads for Students: A Bad Idea.

Earlier this summer I linked to a news story that St John Jesuit High School, here in Toledo, was going to require students to purchase, at least in part, an Apple iPad 2.  Here is a list of 10 reasons why that is a bad idea, at least for college students.  If it’s bad for college students, then one has to believe it to be incrementally worse for high school students.

Here’s reason #8.

It's a Status Symbol, Plain and Simple: Like any gadget, the iPad is a status symbol. Like any Apple gadget, it's an expensive status symbol. It's something we've been trained by society and lifestyle magazines to want, simply because it's a luxury — and if we can be the first to have it, somehow, we "win." To combat this, you can sit your kid down and, being very earnest, tell them that they don't need things to make them popular with their classmates. Then explain to them that laughing at you, when you're trying to be serious, isn't helping their cause.

Apple and Marketing High School

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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This is a slightly different bend on the post directly below regarding St John Jesuit requiring its students to purchase Apple’s iPad.

Still citing the same article,

Though the school [St John Jesuit] is  Toledo’s first private school to implement the iPad 2 for all of its students, other private schools in Toledo have phased in personal technology for all of their students. In the fall of 2007, Central Catholic High School began giving each incoming freshman a Macbook laptop, which students can take home during the year and keep when they graduate. The school charges a $200 technology fee that covers insurance and other related technology costs.

“The general consensus among students is how incredibly prepared they are from a technology standpoint when they go to college,” Chris Hamady, Central Catholic’s director of technology, said.


At least in terms of them being prepared because they have a Macbook donated to them by the school.  This isn’t about education.  At all.  It is purely and simply marketing.  Students at CCHS, just as will be the case at SJJ, are no more prepared, technology wise, than students that go to any suburban public school district or other private school that doesn’t mandate the purchase of an Apple product.

Central Catholic was named one of 52 Apple Distinguished Schools in January, and has held events on its campus organized by Apple since the spring of 2008, where administrators from regional high schools come to learn more about combining Apple products with education.

Does anyone think that Apple would recognize a school as distinguished that didn’t require its shit to be purchased?  I would rate CCHS at highest 5th among the Catholic schools in the Toledo area, and that is a push.

Passing out or requiring students to purchase technology does not provide an educational advantage.  Reading from a lap top is flat out bad for you if you do it for hours on end.  The iPad is probably better in that regard, but not much.

Kudos to Notre Dame Academy and St Francis de Sales (surprise!), when it comes to this technology marketing bullshit.

NDA’s chief of marketing (WHAT?!? Marketing?):

Technology is changing so quickly.   You can start off with one type of laptop as a freshman and by your senior year, it can be totally obsolete [like what will happen to those kids at SJJ].

I added that last part.

SFS’s Dean of Academics Chris Steingass (WHAT?!? Not marketing?!?):

We want to keep it more of a college atmosphere. Colleges keep it like that, so we also want to do it like that [letting students decide what technology is best for them].

I should point out that many private universities and some state universities [certain majors especially] require the purchase of a lap top computer.  So Mr. Steingass is only partially correct on that point.

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Blood Sucking Bastards

Butterflies sucking fresh blood from the blood...
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My name is Chris, and I am an Apple hater.

Forget about the fact that Apple updates it's equipment by forcing customers to buy an entirely new device which adds to the toxic dump of a planet we live on and drains the pockets of suckers.  That's  bad enough all by itself.  What really cheese me about Apple is this attitude.

The company [Apple] will be refunding customers the $100 difference between first-generation iPads bought before yesterday [Mar 2] and those bought after the price drop, so long as the purchase happened sometime in the last two weeks.

While customers may have to pay a restocking fee, most retailers allow 14 days to return devices like this.  Apple was under no obligation to do this, but it should not receive anything that even faintly resembles praise for being such a blood-sucking flea-bitten mangy hound of a company.



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