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Ovechkin, the NHL and All Star Weekend.

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Alexander Ovechkin, the Washington Capitals captain, says he's not going to the All Star game.

My heart is not there.  I’m suspended, so why I have to go there? I love the game; it’s great event. I’d love to be there, but I’m suspended. I don’t want to be a target. I feel I’m not deserving to be there right now. If I’m suspended, I have to be suspended.

The league responds.

In light of yesterday’s suspension, we informed the Capitals that, while Alex Ovechkin was still welcome to participate in this weekend’s All Star festivities in Ottawa, we would not be insisting that he do so. We now understand that Alex has decided to withdraw from this weekend’s events. Given the circumstances involved, we understand Mr. Ovechkin’s decision in this regard and have no intention of pursuing this matter further.

Think about this.  Alexander Ovechkin is arguably the league's number one star now that Crosby is out.  He has many, many fans.  His presence on the ice is exciting for all, including other players who never get to play with him.  Although he is a notorious puck hog, he is also a very good player and the All Star game is a great time for him to shine.  The league benefits from his presence in many ways, including increased viewership.

So what does this boneheaded league do?  Days before the All-Star game, they levy a three game suspension on the Washington captain.  What, they couldn't wait a week?  Is he such a monster that he needed to be suspended immediately?  Why not simply delay the hearing (decision) until after the ASG?


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Defamation Disguised as Talk Radio.

More proof that Pittsburgh is sports version of Hell.  John Steigerwald may just be Satan.

Below is a segment from his radio show in which he invited one of his critics, Ryan Lambert of Yahoo! Sports, to discuss Steigerwald's assertion the Alex Ovechkin is or was a steroid user based on what he describes as "whispers" which he can't really define what "whispers" are.

I love the comment Lambert makes at about 17 minutes in when I says, "I'm going out a big limb here and call you a credible, which it isn't."

via awful announcing.

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God Prefers Grinders

Actually I certainly cannot speak for the Supreme One, but it would seem by all indications that God is not a big fan of Sydney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin.  Pittsburgh, host of this year's winter classic, is going to have temperatures in the 50's and about a half inch of rain today.  Certainly not conducive to a hockey game.

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