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Future Blooms

Inspired Cinicinnati has a profile of Future Blooms, a project of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, in today's edition of the Cincinnati Enquirier. Future Blooms is charged with beautifying abandoned buildings along Cincinnati's Over-The-Rhine district by painting storefronts and other designs on the shuttered buildings. They have beautified more than 500 buildings.

The cleaned-up buildings have a positive impact on crime and pollution in the neighborhoods. Cincinnati police officer Tim Eppstein says,

It says somebody cares. It is not just paint, it shows progress. It shows a future. People are less likely to commit a crime on a block that is getting better.

It seems a red-letter day for friends and family of the blog. Katie of Future Blooms is significant other to son #1 of Chili Dog, and I am witness to her great work-product. She has obvious and abundant artistic creativity. If it were me, this is how I'd handle it.

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Christopher Davis

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