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Fingerprints and the New iPhone

I can't believe I am actually thinking of posting this.  Among anything else it might mean, it definitely shows my transformation into Apple fan-boy is complete.

I know it is important to secure your iPhone. It either contains or has links to much of the stuff you hold private and close and you certainly don't want that info to fall into the hands of identity thieves, or worse, your spouse.

My phone used to lock after one minute, which means I would have to type in my code every time I wanted to use the phone, and usually get it wrong for the first time or two. I figured I was spending too large a portion of my life unlocking my phone, so I changed it up and now I have to enter the code if the phone stays locked for an hour, which it rarely does.

The new iPhone being announced today has a fingerprint sensor that will serve as the lock / unlock for the phone. It's a great development for those whose phones are on constant lockdown, but it will suck for a guy like me who lets other family members use the phone for games, internet, etc.  Now instead of a kid asking to use the phone, they will have to bring it to me, ask me to unlock it and hope to God it doesn't go on lock mode again.

The solution? In typical Apple fashion and the reason I used to hate them so much, the answer is simple.  Get them their own goddamned iPhone!

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis

Toledo, Ohio

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