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Expect No Better, It's Cleveland.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has come to its senses and for the first time is calling for the Cleveland Indians to once and for all completely abandon the racially offensive Chief Wahoo.

Many fans don't see [getting rid of Wahoo] that way. They view Wahoo through the lens of their youth, when they learned to embrace Wahoo the way they did Bugs Bunny, as loveable and funny, and before they knew anything about racial stereotypes.

That's why benching Wahoo is so difficult for them. It implies that their affection for Wahoo was somehow impure. It taints their nostalgia. It creates a break from the past. For many, getting rid of Wahoo means giving into excessive political correctness.

It's why this editorial board has hesitated in the past to take a position.

This continued refusal to give up their beloved icon is a palpable manifestation of the negative stereotype the world has about Cleveland. Cleveland is full of the fat, the slow-witted and the culturally-retarded. Oh no? Then how about doing something humanly decent for a change. Prove me otherwise, and I would be glad to change my mind. By the looks of the poll running on the news paper website, public opinion is still in the garbage-choked gutter by a nearly 2:1 margin.

The team should do it now. Take the heat. Deal with the backlash. Move on. It can be done thoughtfully, by simply acknowledging the mixed emotions of all involved.

Then the city and the team can send a message to the world that it gets it. And Indians fans, all of them, can root for the team, unconditionally.

Yes, but it's Cleveland.

I know I won't be leaving here

Christopher Davis

Christopher Davis

Toledo, Ohio

Husband, Father, Neighbor, Friend, Acquaintance, That One Guy, Attorney and owner of Buckeye Payroll Services, a payroll processing firm.



Fred Garvin over 1 year ago

i get it and certainly won't lose any sleep over a change or root for a different team. to me it is excessive pc. love this comment.

Yes, give up the Chief and use something warm and fuzzy, like unicorns farting rainbows... yeh that will be nice, and shouldn't offend anybody... They could become the Cleveland Little Ponies. It would infuriate the fans, but at least the editorial board would be happy.

i've been a tribe fan all my life, wearing a lot of wahoo gear (not just in ohio) and only one person has ever stated they were offended by wahoo.

Christopher Davis over 1 year ago

I know the fire alarm is going off, but I am not leaving this building until I see a goddamn flame!!

Christopher Davis over 1 year ago

Probably beats his kids. They don't seem to mind. They never say nothing.

Christopher Davis over 1 year ago

I know you love that comment because it proves my point. Cleveland just doesn't get it. Bunch of Old Style drinkers, eating pork rinds out the bag and spitting crumbs while yelling at the tv.

Fred Garvin over 1 year ago

you're personal hatred for cleveland runs deep. shouldn't you be more upset that the nations capital, the place where native americans were most abused, cheated and lied to, still has a team called the "redskins'. to me calling a native american a "redskin" is like using the "N" word. there are high schools in ohio that are the redskins, but no one cares, but that cartoon character chief wahoo, now thats down right unacceptable. your analogies are weak. ignore a fire alarm? riiiiiight beats kids? wtf. is that cleveland reference? i enjoy PBR with my rinds, cracklings or corn nuts

it's great that anywhere in america someone can complain and the pc cops make someone change. i saw an article today of a group in maryland complaining about a 40 ft cross that has been up since 1925, memoralizing 49 men who died in ww1. they are shocked and upset when they drive by it, saying it gives the impression the state supports and approves of christianity. well the fucking pussies will probably get their way and down comes the cross.
now if you pardon me, i need to shop the internet for a chief wahoo t-shirt, spring is right around the corner.

Christopher Davis over 1 year ago

I don't hate Cleveland. I despise it. And the more those morons whine about losing their beloved mascot, the dumber they seem to the rest of the thinking world. Wake up.

It's like the word "retard." I grew up with that word. I was called "retard" and I called other people "retard". I personally don't find it offensive in the slightest, but there are plenty out there who do, for obvious reasons. I don't use the word anymore, or at least I try to check my use. I understand unlike most of the bowling alley orphans from mistakeville.

Point is, it ain't cool for one group of humans to make fun of another, intentional or otherwise. Wahoo makes fun of Indians. Most clevelanders don't see it that way, simply can't see it that way, and that is why that stupid thing is still around.

And then there's you. You. You.

You say you can take it or leave it when it comes to Wahoo, but then you pull out your cap or your shirt or your wife's g-string with the Wahoo on the front and parade it all around for everyone to see. I can think of a word to describe you, but it is against my better judgment to use it. Suffice to say it rhymes with pee hard.

Fred Garvin over 1 year ago

guess we're just following the nations capital of pee hards and looking for "plenty out there" to say wahoo is offensive. toledo's a blue collar uneducated city, so one is probably par.

bet you a dollar it doesn't change in 14'

stay thirsty my friend.........

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