College Football Round-Up, Part I: Where To Begin?

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So much to discuss.

  • Notre Dame's overrated and Brian Kelly is a creep
  • BCS Championship: Where's Oregon?
  • Northern Illinois vs SEC vs Kirk Herbstreit
  • The Big Bad Wolf (Urban Meyer) vs. the Three Little Pigs (Bielema, Hoke and Pellini)
  • NIU, KSU and the fools who sponsor the MAC Coaches Lottery
Those will all have to wait.

I am going to begin with a short tirade over the alma mater of one of our own beloved in this space, Appalachian State. Simply this, what they hell are you thinking and is this any way to treat a man who did so much for your school/football program?

For those who don't know, this week Appalachian State fired Jerry Moore, the head football coach who defeated Michigan in the Big House, won several national championships, and made the playoffs nearly annually. His crime? The team only one 8 games for the second year in a row despite winning the the 7th league title in 8 years. His real crime? Being too good for too long and not being able to sustain it, and that's shameless.

But alas (I like that word today), we cannot leave on such a sour note, and speaking of being shameless here's the first segment of Louie CK's Shameless. Other than the shameless segue, this has nothing to do with college football.  Louis CK is a comic genius and you should be advised that this is definitely NSFW, but I am sure you already knew that.



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