Good Friday: I Fought The Law, But The Law Won

Happy Good Friday to all who care about stuff such as that. I think it somewhat appropriate to link to a couple stories making the rounds today involving overzealous enforcement of law and underzealous compliance with human rights.

First comes this story out of Arizona, but it has wide-ranging implications even in my neighborhood I suspect.

[C]ustoms officials are legally authorized to stop and search any person, vehicle or property entering the United States without the probable cause otherwise required by the Constitution’s Fourth Amendment.

[T]hanks to the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of 1952, immigration officers and employees have the power to use that exemption to arbitrarily set up checkpoints, stop and search individuals, vehicles, or public transportation, and even make arrests within 100 miles of the U.S. border.

The ACLU and several Congress people are unhappy with the current going-ons which include possible overzealousness with out institutional control. That sort of thing tends to sit poorly with Americans used to their freedom from such things.

The second story is less egregious as this first one, and one that does require a little "what-were-you-thinking?" type analysis, but it involves a police raid on a home allegedly involved in carrying on with a false Twitter account attributed to the mayor of the city of Peoria.

Now I classify it as false, but I could be generous and call it a parody, as the Ars story does, but I don't necessarily think the two are synonomous and I have no idea of anything posted under this account, other than some tweets may have "alluded to sex and drugs." The key here is that public officials are a different sort and even though you can generally say almost anything you want about them as a joke, you cannot IMPERSONATE them. Is Twitter an impersonation? I think it is probably close enough to cause discomfort, and if one is to parody a public official, then I think it best to call it a parody.

As a closing note, I have a dream that one day, this closing sentence will never again appear in a report on a crime.

No arrests in connection to the account were reported. One resident was booked on marijuana-possession charges.

I guess my race is run

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NHL Playoffs: A New Look

There is a new format this year, which is to say an old format, with one exception. In the days of the Adams and Norris divisions, the top four teams in each division made the playoffs and battled each other in two rounds of divisional playoffs before the divisional winners ever met. That same idea holds true now, except that only the first three teams are in the playoffs and the last two qualifiers come from "wild card" positions. This year, as I imagine it will most seasons, the top four idea and the wild card idea produced nearly identical results. This year's exception is the Dallas Stars, who, at 91 points, would have been left out of the playoffs in favor of Phoenix at 89 under the old, old system. Are the playoffs better off because of it? No.

But the match-ups are still terrific, and since they are locked into divisional rounds, there is no re-seeding as in the most recent system. This is great in that it creates and rekindles intra-divisional rivalries. But truthfully, it is a whole new experience for people like me, Red Wings fans, because the playoff foes for the Wings are all Eastern time zone teams. No more playoff games that extend past midnight. Amen.

First Round Highlights

I will start with the home team. The Wings and Bruins, my two favorite teams and Original Six franchises, meet for the first time in my life. I am excited for this one.

I would like to see Columbus win their first playoff game ever and have it come against Syd, Gennie and crew.

I love the Chicago and St Louis rivalry, because it is classic American heartland type stuff, and it should be a knock-down, drag-out affair.

Philly and Rangers rarely disappoint.

First Round Upsets

Going to stay away from my Wings here, but I do like the match-up for the Wings.

To be honest, I don't see a first round upset. I figure one will happen so, even though it isn't much of an upset, I'll nab the Canadians over the Lightning.

Likely Conference Finals

Pittsburgh vs Montreal

St Louis vs. San Jose

Who Lifts The Cup?

Pittsburgh, but boy would I gladly be wrong on this one.

Remember, hit me up on twitter or send me an email, and I will post your comments.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

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New Ground Rules

Over the last week, this site has been the victim of an attack by foreign computer bots that have virtually choked the site to death. If you tried to access anything here in the last seven days or so, you will have noticed that beginning roughly at 2:00 PM EDT, this site was essentially unreachable for several hours. The attacks subsided late in the evening and then picked up again the next day.

I have made several changes to the structure of the site in an attempt to not only thwart this ongoing attack, but to prevent future attacks as well. A new Chili Dog Blog is currently in development and plans are to launch it sometime this summer. In the mean time, I have changed a number of things around here.


I have ceased all registrations. If you want to register, you must contact me either by twitter or by email, and I will set you up.


I am no longer accepting comments. I still encourage you to engage, but we are going to do all of our discussing away from this site. I ask that you either email any comments and questions you have to me (there is a link in the sidebar/footer) or follow me on twitter and hit me up with an @chilidogblog tweet.


The site can use different perspectives and we all would certainly appreciate hearing from others not named Chili Dog. If you have something you want posted, send it to me and I will make sure to get it published. Don't forget to include a youtube embed (or link) with an appropriate song or clip.

This post will become a quasi-permanent page, with a link at the header, until the new site is launched.

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