Is Twitter Killing The Blog Star?

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I don't think there is any doubt.

With the announcement this week from Google that it is killing off its RSS feed compiler, Google Reader, on July 1 this year, we have received at least indirect confirmation that RSS is likely to die this summered shortly thereafter. Services like Feedly and Flipboard have assured users that they will maintain status quo once Reader goes offline, but I think the message is clear. The days of the blog, as we know it, are numbered.

Several months ago, I implemented a twitter competent to this site so that all posts and all comments are immediately tweeted to my twitter feed, in addition to the usual RSS feed. I haven't spent all that much time with twitter and really don't quite understand its utility, but from playing around with it the past couple of days, I can tell you that it is definitely the present and future for sites such as this. By which I mean twitter will be the site for sites like this. In plain English, from now on, most of the things I post about routinely will be posted directly to Twitter and not here.

I have a few things in the pipeline and I will continue to check my news feeds and I will continue to periodically post when there is more than 140 characters to say, but for the most part, if you want to continue your Chili Dog Blog experience, get out your twitter accounts and follow me @chilidogblog.

The future is here, and who am I to stand in its way?


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6 thoughts on “Is Twitter Killing The Blog Star?”

  1. twitter will not survive either… but it is here for now and should be here thru thursday.

    never a fan of facebook and now they throw advertising right on my news feed page…. bye bye.

    all this manipulation of electrons has no value… investing in any of these forms (doomed for the garbage pan in a matter of years if not months) is nearly worthless… buy early; sell earlier. once all of the useful features are largely developed then one or two final products will emerge. there will be substantial regulation by that time i hope. all this corporate espionoge (sp?) of its clients is worse than the CIA… meh to all of it.

  2. I don’t think RSS will survive, period. Twitter will serve a purpose for some folks who wish to tweet (and link) that they have some larger article available somewhere else, like I used to do exclusively. But now I find that I often can accomplish my goal in fewer than 140 characters.

  3. By the way, pretty cool Twitter widget. As one who has built a twitter widget, what you have on the side was no easy task to build. I’m impressed.

  4. I love posts right up my alley.

    Twitter has its uses (which I need to write about), and acting as an RSS impersonator is one of them. In fact, I have to say it’s one of the main reasons of the growth of my blog in a just a few short months.

    I agree with you in that the RSS Feed, as it exists now, will soon become a thing of the past. We all know how much Google drives users’ activity on the web. But I believe two things as it relates to this post: 1) Google is making a mistake by abruptly dropping Reader like this, and 2) Twitter is not the future of the current RSS feed. Twitter is great for what it is, and part of what it is is restricting — 140 magical characters, and no more. There will always remain a desire to quickly scan through a site’s posts without dealing with all the nonsense in the header and side columns of a site like Lifehacker. Almost always it takes more than 140 characters to figure out whether you want to read a post or not.

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