It’s Not Like Rain On Your Wedding Day.

The following is courtesy of UJEC, with a bit of a paraphrase.

A union rep walks into a bar to celebrate Obama's victory.  All around are folks all generally happy and enjoying the festivities. The rep sees a guy sitting at the bar, wearing a Romney button and obviously looking a bit depressed. Hoping to make him feel worse, the rep shouts to bartender, "Drinks all around on me, except for that guy with the Romney button." Oddly enough, the guy in the button turns to the rep, smiles and says, "Thanks." A few minutes later the rep shouts, "Hey bartender! Another round for all these folks except the Romney button guy." Once again, the guy in the button merely smiles and says, "Thank you." One more time. Rep orders a round for everyone except the Romney supporter, who as before just smiles and gives his thanks. Now the union rep is a bit cheesed. He was hoping to get a rise out of the guy, but instead all he got was a smile and a thank you. He walks up to the bartender and says, "What's with that guy? I thought he might be a little upset by now." Bartender says, "No worries. He owns the place."

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

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