Walking Dead: Taking Liberties

For the last couple of weeks I have wondered why there is a young adult guy on the farm whose name I don't know and who never gets to say a word.  Now I know.  So he could be brutally devoured by zombies shortly after rescuing Rick and Carl.  Same goes for that other person who was so grievously dined upon by the swarm.

If I were to come up with a title for this episode I would call it "Taking Liberties."

Poor guy in RV and poor girl running for her life are seemingly easy targets for the slow moving and voracious zombies.  Andrea and short-haired lady are not so easily captured even though they are in what amounts to be an equal storm of zombies.  After all, the two who were zombie dinner were what they call in the business, red shirts.  Their deaths served to make us think, however briefly, that the cast was doomed.  In the end, they all survived.  At least everyone who's had a speaking part this season.

Then comes the most inexplicable of liberties.  Now granted, I may have missed the conversation they all had in which they agreed on a spot to meet up, but it's a big world and I know the farm isn't all that far from the spot where they initially left the road, Shane and Rick walked there if you recall, and for them all to meet up there was pretty amazing.  Especially given the fact that the swarm of zombies had seemingly come in that direction.

But OK.  That could happen.  So they decide to drive on, motorcycle, cross-over and pickup, in a caravan until the pickup starts knocking, which we are to equate with a low fuel condition.  First of all, why wouldn't they have a full tank of fuel on the truck?  I don't even know the last (or first) time I saw that truck driven.  Why wouldn't they keep it full, you know, just in case?  Then Rick stops the car and says they need to camp their and go looking for fuel and supplies in the morning.  WHILE THE SUN IS SHINING!  This is completely ridiculous.  Why wait until then?  Also, you tell me you wouldn't cram four extra people in that cross-over when there is a swarm of flesh-eating zombies walking around?

Taking liberties.

It's OK to take some liberties, but I found most of that bit just hard to swallow.

The personal story line was also flat out 180 degrees away from just two weeks ago, which is like two days in show time.  Laurie essentially told Rick it would be nice if Shane were dead and then she gets upset when she finds out Rick killed him in self-defense.  Are you serious?

As for "battle" the leadership, short-haired lady says, "We shouldn't follow Rick.  He's dangerous."  Rick says, "You wanna leave?  Be my guest. If you stay, I'm in charge!"  Short hair says, "Ok."  Wow.  Well-played, short hair.

So looking ahead to next season, we've got a large prison just over the ridge from where our gang decided to take the evening off in the retreat from the zombie swarm.  We've got a hooded dark creature pulling has two arm-less black guys in chains and who now has the Amazing Andrea and Her Incredible Zombie Escaping Abilities in custody.  Let's hope that the writers can come up with something slightly more intelligent than what we just witnessed.

And to Fred, yea, they had lights.  Weird, huh?


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2 thoughts on “Walking Dead: Taking Liberties”

  1. I’m at a real loss to determine why it’s such a big deal they’re all infected. So they turn into zombies after they die, meh. Beside that, there’s nothing they can do about it anyway. Rick was right not to tell them. He should have kept that a secret and answered “I don’t know.”

    While viewing I commented on Glenn’s inability to hold that rifle still yet manage to blast zombies in the head from 40 feet away while moving 25 mph. One thing is for sure, and you noted it, they didn’t waste any bullets.

    Women’s prison? Me like. I always enjoyed those movies as a kid. Pam Grier, perhaps.

    We keep hoping for a Merle sighting, and yet here we are.

  2. glad you got to see it, ironically i had a taping snafu and watched it last night. not as good as hoped.
    i mentioned the “no talker” to my daughter a couple weeks ago and she said he was hershel’s suicidal daughter’s boyfriend. the other lady worked with hershel and i think was shacking with otis. maybe three lines, when carl was shot and otis didn’t return.
    i think they used the truck when rick and glenn brought back hershel and randall from the bar. would have to discount double check. at any rate no gas?! the vehicles should all have extra 5 or 10 gallon containers in them. but i guess it was stored in the barn for rick to pour all over.
    given the sheer number of the herd, i would have bailed insted of trying to kill them all, but i didn’t realize they’re all marksman shooting from a moving vehicle on uneven ground.
    meeting back on the highway was assumed. I guess.?. darrel saw glen swerving and figured it was a china man driving. that was funny
    yea, what’s up with laurie. i took it as she’s mad rick didn’t tell them they were all infected (i wondered what the doc whispered to him) and she’s pregnant and he’s kinda snapped (rightfully so).
    based on stature and the legs, the hooded figure looked to be female. interesting but hope the show doesn’t go down hill.
    i’m torn on the prison. knowing what was in there prior to the outbreak and it will most certainly have a ruler now. perhaps merle?
    short hair. that was funny. and she called darrel his henchman, but darrel just said. he’s done right by me. classic

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