The End of The Season

In the part of the world in which I live, there are four seasons.  What I have lamented in the past is how 75% of the time, the season merge just a bit.  By the time the summer solstice comes around, we've definitely had a few summer-like days.  When we get to the autumnal equinox, there has been a chill in the air, with cool days and cooler nights.  Certainly when it comes to celebrating Saturnalia we've had snow and the freezing temperatures we associate with winter.

The vernal equinox is another story.

In typical years, we may have a stretch of days with temperatures above freezing but most nights still dip below, and there is occasionally snow on the ground, as the sun passes the equator.  In other words, still winter, even though the calendar says spring.

Not this year.  It is always nice to experience sunshine again, but most of us have had to travel south of Mason-Dixon to get it.  Not this year.  I certainly hope this doesn't bite us come July.

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