This Band Is fun.

The FormatI ran across The Format back in 2007 just after the band released its second album, Dog Problems.  I took an instant liking to them, which is really not all that common these days.  The band had a concert scheduled for St Andrews in Detroit but I had other plans and missed it.  Sadly, the band, really the duo of Nate Ruess and Sam Means, broke up shortly thereafter and I missed my only opportunity to see the band.  They have not ruled out a reunion down the road someday.

Following the split, Ruess moved to New York and formed a new band with a couple other guys and named it fun.  An album followed in 2009 that was ok, just not great.

A week or so ago, fun. released its second.  It is worth a listen.

Here it is. Some Nights. (Caution: periodic f bombs)

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