Brandon Spits on Bo’s Grave; Bo Rolls Over.

Bo Schembechler
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The University of Michigan is preparing to play the University of Notre Dame on Saturday night.  It is the very first night game to be played in Michigan Stadium.

Bo Schembechler thought that all games at Michigan Stadium should kick off at noon. He got upset when they moved games back to 3:30.

From October 1986, following Bo's 200th victory, played under the lights at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison...

It's stupid to play at night. I hope they got a great rating, but I doubt it. I know damn well they didn't make any money on it. It'll end up being more expensive to show these games at night. Eventually there will be empty seats in the stadium because they're overexposed. If somebody gives the Big Ten five dollars, they'll put the game on at midnight.

Suffice to say, by scheduling this night game, AD Dave Brandon spits on Bo's grave.

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4 thoughts on “Brandon Spits on Bo’s Grave; Bo Rolls Over.”

  1. Yes, indeed, it was. Disgusting I know so much about a Michigan man.

    Although to you I imagine Bo will always be one of you Miami guys.

  2. I guess when one remarries, there is a certain awkwardness about where one gets buried? Millie ‘s marriage to Bo was the second marriage for each. Her first marriage netted her a few kids so I would guess maybe she’s buried next to her first husband?

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