Blood Sucking Bastards

Butterflies sucking fresh blood from the blood...

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My name is Chris, and I am an Apple hater.

Forget about the fact that Apple updates it's equipment by forcing customers to buy an entirely new device which adds to the toxic dump of a planet we live on and drains the pockets of suckers.  That's  bad enough all by itself.  What really cheese me about Apple is this attitude.

The company [Apple] will be refunding customers the $100 difference between first-generation iPads bought before yesterday [Mar 2] and those bought after the price drop, so long as the purchase happened sometime in the last two weeks.

While customers may have to pay a restocking fee, most retailers allow 14 days to return devices like this.  Apple was under no obligation to do this, but it should not receive anything that even faintly resembles praise for being such a blood-sucking flea-bitten mangy hound of a company.



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