I’m a Broken Record, Part II

From WNWO:

Well people comin by throwin out their rubbish.  I mean they throw furniture out there and anything.
  • Goldie Aldridge, a lifetime North Toledo Resident about the alley behind her house on Melrose Avenue.
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In response to the massive illegal trash dumping taking place in the city's alleys and vacant lots, councilman Michael Ashford is scheduling three free unlimited trash drop-offs.  This is also a result of the city curtailing unlimited pickups to once every three months as reported in this space yesterday.

Here's the question and the reason for the post.  Does Michael Ashford expect Goldie to pick up all the garbage in the alley and haul it to the site?  I am guessing he does, and I am also guessing Goldie won't but wants the City to come and haul the stuff away.

And so it goes.

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